Guide to Making Happy Hour Healthy and Happy

Happy Hour implies a fun time, but it can also wreak havoc on our diet. Just because you are trying to lose weight and eat better, doesn’t mean you can’t be partake in some after work fun. Keep happy hour happy with these five tips.

1. Plan Ahead!

Decide on a place early in the day so you can pull the menu up online and pick out a healthy selections ahead of time. If you already know what you are going to order you won’t be as tempted by wings and cheese dip. Better yet, pick the place yourself- that way you know there will be a few items on the menu you can enjoy and not feel bad about later on.

2. Choose your alcohol wisely

Not all beers, wines, and mixed drinks are created equal. Light beer, champagne, and hard alcohol with a no calorie mixer are your best options. Try to avoid sugary cocktails like margaritas and mojitos as they can really pack in the calories. Vodka soda with lime or a white wine spritzer are two of our favorite picks.

3. Look for grilled proteins and veggies on the menu

Not only are protein and veggies a filling combination, but they are relatively low in calories too! Look for grilled calamari, mussels, raw oysters or grilled chicken wings as a protein choice. We also recommend ordering a side salad or cup of veggie based soup if it is available.

4. Avoid the complimentary chips and snacks

A lot of places offer free bowls of popcorn, pretzels, nuts, or chips and salsa that are really easy to mindlessly eat while mingling with friends. If you are going to enjoy these treats we recommend taking a small portion and putting it on your own plate. If the temptation is too strong ask your server or bartender to remove them from the table.

5. Order a blood Mary

This tomato based cocktail doubles as an appetizer. The tomato juice along with a pickle and celery stick garnish will help fill you up and count as a serving of vegetables.

6. Don’t show up starving

Good intentions to eat well go out the window when we find ourselves overly hungry. Have an afternoon snack to keep your hunger in check. We recommend a banana with PB, apple and string cheese, or carrots and hummus.

7. Sharing is caring

You might not always have control over what food will be offered, but you always have control over how much you choose to eat. If you are going to opt for fries, nachos, chips and dip be sure to share with others. The more the merrier!


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